How do you troubleshoot a sprinkler controller?

How do you troubleshoot a sprinkler controller?

How to Troubleshoot a sprinkler Controller

When a failure occurs in a sprinkler system, the controller commonly gets blamed as the culprit, but how do you troubleshoot a sprinkler controller? But the problem may not lie with the controller.

If you’re having problems with your system and are unsure of the cause, these electrical troubleshooting tips could help you discover if the controller is the issue or something else.

1. Why do I have a blank display on my sprinkler system?

Step one to troubleshooting your sprinkler system is figuring why the screen is blank. More than likely, your unit has experienced some kind of electrical service disruption that has caused it to go offline.

Locate the reset button on the controller.  This is usually a small inverted button that you can only access with a thin “tool” like the end of a paper clip.  Insert your “tool” into the reset slot and press until the display indicates that the controller is back online.

2. Why does my sprinkler system not run?

If the system doesn’t seem to be running, check that the controller is set to auto or run. Remember: while scheduled settings may be programmed, they are not activated until the controller is set to auto.

If you see that the controller is set to run, the start time may not have been saved.  Turn the controller dial to set watering times.  If no time appears, enter a start time as well as starts for each program or zone.  Afterward, confirm that the current day, time, and watering days are also correct. If your issues feel more serious than this, give us a call!

How to troubleshoot a sprinkler controller

3. Why is my sprinkler running when it shouldn’t be?

If you find that your system is watering at times it shouldn’t, chances are that the manual override key may have been accidentally activated.

The easiest way to clear up this issue is to turn the dial to the off position for a minute or two and then set it back to run.  If the problem persists, check the watering start times for an unwanted scheduled time and delete it.  We can even add a smart sprinkler timer!

4. The valve failure

How to troubleshoot a sprinkler valve

When this happens, it’s usually because the run time or watering duration time hasn’t been set.  You can remedy this by twisting the controller dial to the desired valve.  If the run time is blank, use the up and down buttons to set a duration time.

If, however, you see the alarm light go off or an error message on the controller display, you may be dealing with a valve solenoid issue which may require you to replace the connecting irrigation wire.

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