Smart Sprinkler Timer (Davis County UT)


If you’re looking to save some water for your lawn and money in the Davis County, Utah area, give us a call, and we’ll install a brand new smart timer in your home!

  • Statistics show that smart timers has an average water usage reduction of 35%. That can save you 75,000 gallons annually!
  • Smart timers knows your local weather, and will automatically turn itself off if it’s raining.
  • It uses your existing system, so nothing needs to change but your old controller!
  • You can control Skydrop from your phone, so no matter where you are, you can be monitoring and controlling your system.


Skydrop is a wireless, advanced sprinkler system controller for your home that adapts to your local weather, regional water restrictions, and each unique zone of your yard. This incredibly smart system learns for itself what your yard needs. For the first few days, Skydrop fully waters your lawn, and from there, creates a baseline so it can give your yard the exact amount of water it needs. We can install this incredibly smart time for you for only $385.

If you have a  broken sprinkler timer or just want a timer that is more effective. Give us a call: (801) 923-4119

Save water, save money, save time Smart Timer ! Feel free to give us a call at: (801) 923-4119 or visit our website:


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We cover sprinkler repair the following area in Davis County:

·        Woods Cross, UT

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