What Does It Cost To Install Christmas Lights?

Every year, my husband finds joy in putting up Christmas lights for the holidays. He’s one of those rare types that enjoys the thrill of lining up each light just so and securing it in place. He could totally author a guide on how to hang Christmas Lights.  This Saturday, he and my daughter were up on the roof, making memories together as they beautified our house ahead of the Christmas season. 

Installed Christmas Lights on House

After they were done, he was complaining of back pain and it got me thinking: what is the real cost of doing your own Christmas lights year after year? 

Let’s break it down, totaling the cost of items that you need to hang holiday lights. I went to my local Layton, Utah hardware store and this is what I found:

  • 26 foot ladder: $320Supplies for Christmas Lights Install
  • 100 feet of C7 LED Christmas lights: $40/25 feet= $160
  • 100 clips: $13/50 clips = $26
  • Pair of work gloves: $10
  • Roof Tie-on System: $110
  • Outdoor extension cord: $22

Total cost: $648

This is just the cost of pre-tax materials. The real cost comes from your time, and the physical cost to your body. Factoring in these costs would vary greatly for each individual, so we’ll stick with the supplies costs. Keep in mind that staying safe this holiday season is a great reason to leave hanging holiday lights to the professionals! 

Did you know that the average cost to have Christmas lights professionally installed is about $250 the second year? 

So the average Christmas light installation in the second year is less than half the cost of buying comparable lights and supplies to hang them yourself. If taking care of the work of your own holiday outdoor display isn’t something you are committed to doing year after year, and you don’t want to be seen as a Grinch, hiring out this service may be a perfect solution. 

Save yourself time (and maybe even money) this season and let us light up the holidays for you!

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